Our History

Natural Art was born in 1971 from the passion of 4 surfers led by Pete Dooley with a goal of developing the best and most modern surfboard in the world. After the era of constant design changes in the seventies, it had been equally as challenging for Natural Art’s research and development team throughout the eighties. Surfers wanted to go faster, hold tighter lines and turn harder in more critical areas of the wave than ever before and with boards being trimmed down to the bare essentials, everything must be functional.

Natural Art’s shaper worked closely on designs with professional team riders and the feedback from those top pro riders was worked towards each surfboard. The result was a world class surfboard for waves and surfers world wide. Proven in Hawaii, California and major breaks around the globe. We have been distributed in Japan, France, Barbados, England, Chile, Panama and other markets. In the eighties we produced more than any other company (except one) in the USA. Natural Art became one of the most respected surf brand in the world.

In 1983, entrepreneur José Augusto Pereira Neto – a surfer at heart – took Natural Art to Brazil beginning its operations designing and manufacturing backpacks, jackets, board shorts and t-shirts. Innovative and high quality products made Natural Art a big success among surfers and sport’s fans.

In 2014 Natural Art Brazil merges with Natural Art USA aiming to strengthen the brand even further turning Natural Art into a world reference in surf products.

Natural Art has in its essence the passion for the ocean and the love for the art of surfing. The close relationship with Nature and a unique life style.

Our Vision

To become a brand reference among the world of surfing.

We want to provide people the pleasure of unique experiences through the contact with nature in its purest form.

Our Mission

For years our mission has been making surfing something beyond a life style, we want to bring together nature and the art of surfing and take its beach culture to the youth.

People we Believe In

Natural Art believes that extreme and competitive surfing moves the passion for the sport and the constant evolution of its products.

We always sponsored:
Amateur and Professional championships.
Natural Art Top Dog at the Bowl Surf Contest for years in Barbados for the development of young surfers getting tested in a world class wave.
In 1997 and 1998 we sponsored NATURAL ART PRO, a tour of the professional world circuit, the WQS (World Qualifying Series) in the paradisiac beach “Praia do Francês” in Alagoas, Brazil.

Amateur and professional surfers competing worldwide.
Our best ranked athletes include: Todd Holland; Scott McCranels; Richard Cram; Baron Knowlton; Pete Mendia; Todd Morcom;
Danny Melhado; Piu Pereira; Fe Correa; Joca Junior; Tanio Barreto; Jefferson Silva; Alex Ribeiro; Daivid Silva: Diego Santos;
Aaron Gold; Moacir Freitas.
Scott McCranels was on the World Tour as high as 5th and 20th.
In 2005 Natural Art’s 18 year-old athlete Jefferson Silva won ISA World Junior Surfing Championship title that took place in Huntington Beach, California.
In 2014 Alex Ribeiro was crowned WQS South America Champion.